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Pre Sale Questions

We understand that customization is key to making your bike truly your own. That's why we offer two different types of graphics kits: Semi Custom and Full Custom.

Semi Custom Graphics Kits

Our Semi Custom graphics kits are pre-designed templates that can be tailored to fit your style. These kits offer the flexibility to customize the following elements:

  • Colors: Choose from a wide range of hues to match your personality.
  • Logos: Add your own logos or select from our extensive library.
  • Text: Incorporate your name, number, or any other text to make the kit uniquely yours.
  • Materials: Opt for specialty finishes like Chrome, Holochrome, and Fluo.
  • Laminate Options: Select from Glitter, Matte, or Gloss laminates to give your kit that final touch.

Full Custom Graphics Kits

For those seeking the ultimate in customization, our Full Custom graphics kits are your blank canvas. With these kits, the only limit is your imagination! From design to materials, every aspect of the kit is fully customizable. Anything you dream up, we can create.

We offer two types of graphics kits with varying costs and material options:

Graphics Kits Costs

  • Semi Custom: Priced at €165 euros
  • Full Custom: Priced at €295 euros

Material Options and Their Additional Costs

  • Chrome/Holochrome: Additional cost of €99.95
  • Fluo: Additional cost of €79.95
  • Glitter: Additional cost of €39.95

Please note that these are additional costs and will be added to the base price of your selected graphics kit.

You can request unlimited changes on your graphics kit. We aim to provide you with a design that fully satisfies your needs and expectations.

Yes! We offer worldwide shipping. We use DHL Express For all shipments out of Europe. Import fees may occur When ordering outside of Europe depending on the country

Initial Checks

You've just received your Slick graphics and you're eager to get them installed. What's the next step? Initially, you'll want to verify that the graphics fit properly and appear as they should. Although they might not look quite right at first glance, you'll likely find that they fit well as you begin the installation process. It's crucial to confirm the fit during the design phase, when we send you a preview of the graphics set prior to printing.


Before getting started, it's essential to prep your bike's plastic surfaces. Wipe them down with a degreasing solution and lightly abrade the surface until it loses its glossy finish. Aim for a matte appearance for optimal adhesion. Take your time and be cautious as you apply the graphics, particularly if they are chrome. Avoid stretching them excessively and refrain from using too much heat.


To begin the application, align the graphics as needed. Peel back only a small portion of the backing paper to start. Removing it all at once can make the process more challenging. If you encounter issues like air bubbles or misalignment, don't hesitate to lift the graphic and reposition it. The adhesive won't fully set until it's been in place for around 24 hours. Use premium materials like ours for the most durable and visually striking outcome.

Additional Tips

Be gentle yet firm in your application and steer clear of cold areas during installation. Let the graphics sit in a warm indoor space for a full day before taking your bike out for a spin. If needed, moderate heat can aid in installation, but be cautious when applying heat to chrome or fluorescent materials.

We ship across the whole globe and charge only €9,95 for shipping to every country All orders over €200 get free shipping!
Yes you can, you can sent us a message on Instagram or e-mail so we can arrange that for you!
Yes! After you placed your order we will start processing it and send you a design proof within a few days. You can then request unlimited changes or approve your design and we will ship it out to you

Cancellation & Refunds

Due to the custom nature of our graphics, we can only cancel your order for free before a design was made. If we made a design we will always see how we can make you 100% satisfied with your graphics, so you won't even have to think about wanting to cancel ;)
Do you really want to cancel? Then we charge a design/cancellation fee of 49,95 Euro's. Also note that after a order has been accepted, it will be sent to our production within the next days, so if you want to cancel then, it's most likely already produced and we can't cancel your order.
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